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bikebook - palette presentation

UPDATE: After taking Geri’s second class, Color on the Web II, I found that my original palette and logo color scheme didn't implement well into the website. The colors failed to achieve a beautiful, unique, functional and accessible website design in my eyes. Therefore I have updated the palette and overall logo presentation.  I have included the original logo presentation at the bottom of this project presentation.

bikebook is a brand that requires colors that are simple and fashionable. In begining color selection, I was guided by the following color inspiration:

  • Colors that are in style now (but leary of something here today, gone tomorrow)
  • Hipster colors
  • Colors common across Achielle, Public Bikes, Papillionaire, Mission Bicycle and vintage colors
  • Palettes based on indie music album covers
  • Artisinal food colors i.e. food photos
  • Lighter greens, yellows, browns. pink and blue.
  • Wes Anderson or movies hipsters like

We want the visitors to feel excited, full of joy yet calmed as they go through the site. Colors like vibrant red and purple were avoided to avoid feelings of anger. Instead, softer muted colors were chosen to represent bikebook; colors that a youthful, hip, fresh audience would enjoy.

Inspiration and Colors Selected

Hipster / Wes Anderson inspired palette. If you search for a hip movie with bicycles, Moonrise Kingdom will return. This photo from this movie has a great palette which has both masculine and feminine colors giving the brand a comprehensive reach. The colors are a bit muted and not bold and flashy which is brand accurate.

Random City Bikes inspired palette. The palette created for this idea was inspired by a real bike found in a real city that had colors acceptable for a fresh, hip, lively bike rental company. The colors are a bit more vibrant in this palette, but still within the guidelines.

Original Logo Presentation

Enjoy. Feedback is welcomed!


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