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Natalie Miklosic

industrial designer



big ears, bigger mouth

So my story is set in 1993, and it's about a kid who grew up in philidelphia. He's got two sets of family. There are the ones who live with him in philly, and the creepy rich Uncle whos a lawyer in California. My character's got too many people living in his house with him so he spends all his time at the park at the end of the block. He's a way scrawnny kid with huge ears and is way, way mouthy. This gets him into trouble. A lot. He's good natured, but tends to say things before his brain catches up.

One day, while fooling around at the playground he gets mixed up in a fight between two older kids and they both end up chasing after him. They beat him up pretty bad, and when he goes home his mom (and sisters, and aunties, and grandma, and some lady he doesn't really know but who's always over) end up freaking out on him. His auntie says since he's always running off to the park, and he's so mouthy they can't handle him with all the other people in the house. His mom tells him he's got to go stay with his Uncle for a while to learn some manners. He says no way, but the women tell him he has to go or live on the street. 

I'm thinking it'll all be in first person narrative and it'll end with the line "That's how I became the Fresh Prince of Bel Air."


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