between work... now in icons!

Step 1: List of Referents

  1. Brush teeth 
  2. Water plants (veggies/herb garden)
  3. Breakfast (inconsistent... i am not a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast)
  4. Look at to-do list
  5. Do research/reading (look at news, blogs and more for information and inspiration)
  6. Ideation or sketching
  7. Design or other work
  8. Lunch with Daniel
  9. Dishes
  10. Jobhunt/Resumes (looking for postings, writing letters and applying)
  11. Snack and book break
  12. Writing or schoolwork (taking part-time online classes)
  13. Cooking
  14. Dinner with Daniel
  15. Walk with Daniel
  16. Movie theatre
  17. Walking home and talking (made a sketch for this in the top corner)
  18. Scan cowboys (i collect western comics and such, and scan them for my tumblr)
  19. Hedgehog bonding time
  20. Make to-do list for tomorrow

Step 2.1: Sketching

Been working on a few thumnail sketches (they're quite literally thumbnail-sized). Some of them are pretty trickly... I'll need to come up with a way to differentiate between all the various computer-centric activities. I also feel like I have to many 'iconic' symbols and a lot fewer 'narrative' ones. Hmmm. Well, so far I've explored a little over half. I'll be working on the rest soon.

Step 2.2: More Sketching

So... I have a new job. That makes the title of this project a little out of date. But I'm still going to finish up this icon set, because... well, finishing things up is what real men do. This is a fact. Here are a few more sketches. I feel that my ideas are still a little rough, but I'm getting a sense of how it will all come together.


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