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better together

I chose this photo because of my new-found love for biking and bicycles. I'm not a hard-core bicyclist who wears spandex biking shorts, competes in races or does crazy trails or anything. I was a late bloomer and learned how to ride a bike when I was 20 (~3 years ago) during my summer abroad in Madrid. I stumbled around plazas, wine country paths, and on city bike tours and didn't really care how pathetic I looked. I just fell in love with the sensation of biking.

So this project is an ode to bicycles, and although tandem bikes are kind of dorky--I can also imagine a cute couple riding one, showing off their effortless, rhythmic, cool, sychronized movements...

Anyways, I realize this might be a difficult poster to mimic, but I really wanted to make something I like and something I would be proud of. So here it goes!


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