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better community

the idea is to put together something in between a social network and an institutional web site, something that will help decision maker to do the right thing strengthening the cohesion of a community.

An example: this could be used by the city hall police makers, they will question citizen about something (how to use that area of the city, which colour you prefer for the new trains, which logo for the tickets...). Also Hospital, schools a big company to inform and challenge the stakeholders.

User stories

as a policy maker I need an easy interface so I can just think about the contents

as a citizen a would like to be engaged trough contents and trough rewards: real things or just the satisfaction to have been heard and considered

as a policy maker I need to quantify my success trough easy to understand analytics

as a citizen I want to easily sign in using my email account or social network account

as a citizen/policy maker I want my contents be easily shared on social network

as a policy maker I need a database of inspiring contents


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