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best of mornings

I was about a month and a half into a solo road trip through some wonderful stretches of the States. Each morning's light brought with it plans of grand adventure. I would meet buddies with the intention of getting lost in a patch of well-known land or to switch belays back and forth on fresh, new walls. The refusal of any sort of schedule would leave me driving all over the place. Warm and clear at the crag? I'm there. Wicked storm's bringing a first snow? Give me a few hours. Hot cup of tea and a couch to crash on? I'll be there tomorrow night, promise.

There is so much moving and experiencing and being. So many hard earned summit sunsets and cabins placed in the silence of snow. You must be intentional to remember how grand the little things are. When friends drive forever to meet you on the sides of remote back roads, cherish them. It's a prettier sight than the greatest of vistas. 


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