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bed + nightstand styling before and after

Hello sweethearts, it´s done, so far.

My name is Ria and I´m the founder of riabstyle, a blog concerning style, home and family life.

You could visite me under:, under Ria Bartel at pinterest or at facebook under Ria Bartel of course!

Really hope to see you again and stay in contact via mail or comments on my blog. I´ve bookmarked a lot of you yet and will come and stay for a while to look what are you coming up with.

My bed and my nightstand always look the same before. One cushion, only a mint velvet cover, no bling, no botanical, nothing, so to say the very minimal version of styling. The nightstand added the typical needs like a clock, a lamp and a photo of my beloved, that´s it.

But know...

Yesterday I went shopping. I spend the clothes of my little ones to a specific place here in town, because they increases to fast and need new stuff. And of couse I had to have a short stop at my favourite interior shop and I ´m falling in love immediately with a pillow. It was the second pillow I buy in the last week, although I didn´t want to spend money on this projects, but hey, they were good investments ;-))

I styled my version of a beautiful sunday morning with breakfast in bed, readind a styling magazine.

My new nightstand...

Some details

The fab pillow, my new love affair...

And a last overview of the whole scene.

For my bedroom, I liked to have much more colors and patterns and textures etc., because sometimes the cover looks to cold and clean. So I added one of my oange based grandfoulards (I style my patio in summer with it) and the longer pillow in the back with similar colors and patterns. The nightstand comes up for itself. Just added the botanicals I found in the morning walking with our dog, my inital, my old marrocean teaglas, a selfmade pottery from my beloved daughter and a nice nicnac I found at the fleamarket...

I hope you like what you see! If so, please leave me a comment, if not I´m pleased about your critics!

See you on Saturday, for the last final shoot. xox, Ria

I just have to be honest, I have a big help for styling, so I have to introduce the employee of the month:

Bookshelf before-after:

For today, see the restyle of one of our bookshelfs in the guestroom. I decided to restyle not the bookshelf I showed you at first, because I haven´t got the time to paint it in this days. The white one is not so big and the colour is a neutral background.

On the right hand of the photo you see the unstyled version, on the left side the styled version ;-))

In the first overview my nice daughter modeled me to bring real life in my picture. I aktually restyled five of the whole cubes.

But have a look on some details.

The main idea I would like to transport is the styling of each cube with an own theme. Cooking, gardening, feng shui/styling and of course the awesome Citroen DS. This are the main hobbies may husband and I have, so it fits to our real book consumtion. Because the cubes are not soo big I have problems to add the 8 principles in every cube, but I hope the whole style gets it.

There are needs, shapes, placements, patterns, textures, colors botanicals and a lot of bling.

And I have to be honest, the cube of my husband, which I must promise him NOT to restyle, is hidden after the DS-Books at the bottom.

So, that´s it for today.

I´m looking forward to your comments, because they lighten up my days, like the restyle of our house does. Everything looks much brighter and happier and the areas get the credit they deserve.

Console before-after

I was very hesitating with the restyle of our console in the entrance, because my eldest sister give it to me with all the laterns on it, so it remembers me everyday how nice my family is. But a little refresh had to be.

Let´s get started.



So, that´s it. I decided to place our hydrangea in the basket below the console to give it more balance and weight. The two ram heads refers to my like of symetry in styling. But as I learnded in this class I put together the magical three in form of three laterns at the left side and a group of three on the right side. The big shell, the 50ies vase and the coronal covered with shellpieces. To add more personal touch, the little cute car is a souvenir from a familytrip and the charm bracelet is a gift from my sister. The little heart with the golden bling in it, is a present from my husband, the little perls are a lucky charm made by my daughter, so the family is represented in symbols. I would be happy if I could put some photos of the rest of my family, but the console is to small.There are other places covered with a lot of pictures.

The mantra of our live is written on the sign, so we could reflect it in the morning going outside and in the evening coming home. The colors are very neutral, only the Hydrangea and the cherryblossom adds an antique pink touch, the nice bracelet have my favorite touch of turqoise in it and the car is unrivalled.

I wish you like my restyle and I´m happy about any feedback from you. xox, Ria

Coffeetable after:

Sofa after:


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