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The Vision 

Imagine we could create an urban village concept where all the buildings would give a home to the knowledge globally available for living a better life and give birth to a place where paradigms have already been shifted (e.g. in education 

A place where communication, collaboration and support of each other creates growth and values in a society. Buildings which are constructed in an ecological way and used by their inhabitants in harmony with nature - not destroying the environment but cherish and shelter. Where wisdom is taught from generation to generation. Where security and care are available for all, fears are reduced to the maximum, potentials supported most and the common property gives equal opportunities independent from financial status. Just a place you would love to be at any age.

I ask you for a mind shift: If we collaborate and use our energy, passion and knowledge, which we usually use to fight against structures, put into a positive, creative direction we will most probably provide solutions .... of advantage of the humanity, of advantage of our planet!

Happy, healthy and resilient societies are building blocks for a peaceful world!

„The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old,

but on building the new.“ (Socrates)


to support and shape the first holistic urban village. Help to create a place you would love to live, work and stay in lifelong.

The solution shall provide a new sustainable co-housing model which allows prospective inhabitants

- to downsize because of intelligent room concepts and basic facilities in common ownership

- to enjoy the community (like an extended family) but also privacy

- to use most modern facilities designed to use opportunities based on latest

  scientific findings like e.g. holistic healthcare and new education system

- to experience humanity in a community and live a happy life in harmony with nature

- the decision for home, neighborhood, community and beautiful nature in one


The Challenge

How can you develop the first intercultural, multi-generation, energy-plus and partly floating living and housing concept on a plot of 30.000 square meters (see plan) as a holistic urban village concept?

The challenge is to fulfill the following criteria best:


Social Characteristics

- resident composition (diversity of household types, ages, incomes)

- children’s needs

- community life (co-housing, co-working, co-learning), social contact, privacy


General Criteria

- site amenity: water

- location of common facilities, residential buildings, open spaces

- ecological, organic building materials

 (We have started to build an energy-plus show house with organic materials – please see www.balance4yourlife/


- green energy (wind, solar thermic, photovoltaics and geothermic)

- handicap accessibility


 Accommodation/Individual Residences (max. three floor buildings)

• Co-housing for 150 - 200 constant living parties minimum size 60 square meters (best flexible)

• Accommodation for seniors (60 elderly persons)

• Accommodation for orphans (60 kids)


Common Facilities

- Education Innovation Center (consisting of following departments: school, university, research center, think tank, business center, media center, library)

- Healthcare Center with small hospital (10 beds, extendabale to 17)

- Sports Center with gym and physical therapy facilities

- Kindergarten/Adventure Playground, floating, for 60 kids

- Multipurpose Hall for 2000 visitors (to be used also as a common room for the community)

- Commercial areas for small shops, restaurants and service offers to cover daily needs and desires

- Hotel for 100 guests with spa, gym, beauty center, restaurant and bar


Outdoor Areas

- parking (outside the plot)

- car access on site (only e-mobility, bikes and boats inside)

- open space (different gardens)

Main target group for residential housing: Generation 40/50 plus

Location: The Netherlands


How You Can Help

We're looking for the best disposition/arrangement of all buildings on the plot. Having nice niches and spaces to sit outside and to relax in beautiful nature. Having the opportunity to place boats which are in common ownership in front of the accommodation. Integrate as much water areas as possible. Allow only e-mobility on the plot. Integrate a helipad. Please provide a sketch with a detailed explanation.

Show how all buildings can be connected and easily accessed from all community

members but also from big groups coming from outside to parciticape in big events

or students visiting the Education Innovation Center and hotel guests also.


What's in it for you

Every participant is going to win a prize!

The first five winners are winning money, a non-cash prize, attention and experience:

 1.    Prize

10000 $, a car, attention in all media activities related to the project (online, print, TV) and a well-paid job-offer for one year in the team

 2.    Prize

5000 $, a voucher for a holiday trip, attention in all media activities related to the project (online, print, TV) and a well-paid job-offer for one year in the team

 3.   Prize

3000   $, a voucher for a weekend trip, attention in all media activities

related to the project (online, print, TV) and a well-paid job-offer for one year in the team

 4.    Prize

2000 $, a voucher for XY, attention in all media activities

related to the project (online, print, TV) and a well-paid job-offer for one year in the team

 5.   Prize

1000 $, a voucher XY, attention in all media activities related to the project (online, print, TV) and a well-paid job-offer for one year in the team.

 6.   to 10. Prize

500 $ plus non-cash prize

11. to XXX

non-cash prizes


Social good for the participant being part of the process and community creating the first resilient community in the world.


Evaluation criteria

+ ecological impact

Let’s show that it is possible to build and live without spoiling the nature, in living spaces smartly downsized – not too small, not too big.

+ possible impact – the new urban concept should have a great impact on a positive communication and social behaviour of all inhabitants which are of different age, different nationalities and have different ambitions.

Lifelong learning and support of each another of any age would be a step towards re-establishing important values for our society – like honesty, trust, reliability, respect, taking care of each another ... Furthermore, this concept will open the opportunity to create and realise new healthy "balanced" businesses and give all generations the opportunity to discover and develop their potentials.

+ feasibility – are the materials and technologies proven the best available on the market and of highest advantage of Humanity and Nature? Don’t forget cost-efficiency.

+ viability – we want to be able to create as many as possible of these complexes as an approach to provide good for humanity, nature and economy around the World. Like seeding for the better future.


The winners will be chosen in three steps:

peer-to-peer ranking

ranking those winners (8 – 10) on the project platform

an Expert Jury will decide in an as transparent as possible process.

(The business plan is in process, will be ready end of May, discussions with first interested investors have started.)



1. announce challenge

2. ideas submission and feedback

3. peer review and jury review

4. winners announced

5. 2nd crowd storm for architect plans

   (again 1 to 4)

6. Build the team for realisation

7. crowd fund for the first project (if still necessary)

8. Start construction

9. Official opening of the complex after 12 months construction period


Project Partners:

Resilient Societies and Social Economics: Prof. Dott. Dr. Dr. Dr. Roland Benedikter (Stanford)

Holism: Willibald Gruber, Atlantis-Management

Education: Benedikter, Pekrul and some partners from different established and new universities

Architecture: Koen Olthuis

Construction: John van der Voort

Energy-plus, organic materials: Richard Ruitenbeek, Ronald Kleinjahn, Ronald Koning, Sander Schoonen, Hans van Rij (Innovatiecenter Rotterdam)

Economy and financials/bussiness plan innovation: Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Werner

Holistic Healthcare: Dr. Thomas Ems

Childcare: Heiderose Lipke

Event- and Culture Management: Wolfgang Erdmann

Media Center and Project Management: Anette Pekrul

Harmony with Nature and Hotel/Gastronomy: Gerard Spanjaard and WWF

Local Government Relations: Marleen van Giesen

Advisors: Wolfgang Riehn, Jochen Welt, Jörg Bareiss, Jörg von Sachsen, Dr. Andreas Berger

Mutopo, jovoto, lifeedited, treehugger???? ted? architizer?

Would love to have the whole process broadcasted worldwide as a reality documentary. What do you think about?

Another idea is to communicate and build the complex parallel in „second life“.


Project website:

This page leads to all available information to all different subjects ...

the information will be structurised like this:

• My concept/idea

• buildings within the complex/functions

• knowledge behind (studies, publications, literature)

• scientists behind

• TED speeches

• Link collection

This work is in process.

Sponsor acquisition is in progress. 


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