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A U T U M N / W I N T E R .1


After dabbling with processing during my post grad, I moved on to using mainly AS3 for my day job designing (wellmeaning but dull) e-learning courses. Despite AS3 being fundamentally different, I'm hoping the experience of writing code day to day will have improved my coding which I can use for more creative and fulfilling projects.


Meaning to being drawing and tracing things for the elements. Watch this space.


I've called the project aw.1 for autumn/winter 1. I'm hoping to complete a series of projects over the dark months to re-invigorate myself creatively, and have something to do other than watch stupid shit on TV.

In response to this, the palettes I've chosen were to remind me of elements of the weather for these seasons. The pallettes are named after the photos they were taken from. Some of the photos were doctored to emphasise the aspects of the photo that I liked.








First tiling tests

Using the balloon palette from above. Not sure if this is going to work, particularly for rigid geometric designs. Using Joshua's svg.


Experiment with size. I dont like the variance in the stroke weight, may experiment with nostroke.


I developed a series svgs to get in to building them. Once I go over some teething problems with sizes, they came out like this:

geo1 geo2 geo3 geo5

I tried a different pallette and ended up with something a bit nicer:


Adding the stroke started to make something nicer still


I think the problem now is that everything, palette, and svgs are too complex to ever reach a kind of balance. Next tests will strip down the number of colours to ~9 and simplify the svgs, probably playing on something like the corners to get a sense of visual rhythmn. 


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