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autumn foliage

Moodboard / Inspiration

During my daily walks with my daughter I often pause to admire berries, leaves and flowers and one day decided to pick a bunch to incorporate into a fabric design. At home I arranged them into a pattern and took some photos: 


I sketched the berries and flowers and added a few sketches of other leaves and berries with an autumn theme. After sketching with a pencil I traced the drawings I wanted to used with a pen, erased the pencil lines and scanned them.

Starting the design

Once I had the elements scanned and vectorised, I duplicated them and started placing them on my artboard. I wanted a lot of elements in a repeat, so that the final design is densely packed.


Next I worked on the repeating elements at the edges of the swatch. Then I kept fiddling with all the bits until the design looked like it was working.

Adding berries

Once I had the large pieces in place I added lots of little berries to fill in the gaps and make the overall design smoother:

Initial colours

Before choosing the colours I would use, I added colour to the design to see how the repeat of the different elements looked.

Choosing colours

I wanted to choose the colour scheme before I added colours to the design. I worked with the spoonflower colour guide to choose colours, since I want to print the design on fabric with spoonflower and wanted the best colour match. I spent a lot of time playing around with different colour combinations before choosing a selection.

Filling in the design

Working with my colour palette I started filling in the floral elements. Slowly starting to come together!

Final colour selection and whole pattern

In the end I chose a dark blue background because it made the fall colours really pop. Here is the finished pattern swatch and the pattern in repeat (3x5)


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