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august third in twenty icons

Aug 3, 2013

For my project, I decided to illustrate a weekend day instead of a weekday, which allows me to have a little more fun with this project. Here is my list- I had to project into the future for the evening activities but I expect they will remain true. 

After perusing some of the other student projects, I realized I forgot a couple steps in my day, like tea drinking, brushing teeth/washing face, doing dishes, checking my phone, and taking photos which is actually a big part of my weekends!

Final List:



Cereal for Breakfast

Text, Email, FB

Paint Nails

Arsenal Game with A

Pierogies for Lunch

Bike there (downhill) 

St. Lawrence Market

Buy veggies, meat

Take Photos

Bike home (uphill)

Cooking (dinner-A & dessert-Me)

Hamburgers for Dinner

Evening Walk


Eat Dessert

Watch Movie

Tea & Read Book



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