aqualoja - student project

Olá a todos (kind of “Hi all” in Portuguese),

My name is Joana and, along with my husband, I own a swim store (also online at We´ve been doing custom swim caps for swim clubs and we thought it would be great if we can also do t-shirts for swimmers and triathletes. Recently we acquired a cutter/plotter and heat press for custom printed items.

I read “the brand underground” article and, like A-Ron, we also turned our lifestyle into a business as we´re both swimmer and we have an idea of what can work. For the athletes who trust us to supply their gear, swimming is a lifestyle (along with running and biking for triathletes) and this being a market niche I believe is a great opportunity to express the group identity.

I saw the projects presented here, they are all enthusiastic works and they´re awesome!

I don´t have any training in design but I´m willing to learn by my own and this class seems perfect!

Along with a line of shirts with our design we want to empower fellow swimmers to express their own thoughts and personal approach to sports. So we look to build a set of templates helping them out with this. To get them (and us) started we might have a base set of pictures and sentences along with layout options (all to be mixed up and well stirred J). There will be a fine line between maintaining the spirit of the thing and taking in each athlete’s contribution (sentences and some pictures) as we’re really looking into imprinting shirts with this untold moto of sportspeople and not being a workshop where anyone can produce their idea of t-shirts.

On the technical side, T-shirts are worn both at leisure time as an expression outside the sports community, and within at training and competition time where more technical tissues and imprints will be a plus.

Here is our first (and so far only) shirt produced for a swim club team. It´s not within the above spirit but we need to do this kind of shirts as well.

aqualoja - image 1 - student project

We also have an old shirt (first aqualoja shirt) we designed some years ago and had someone producing it:

aqualoja - image 2 - student project

Looking forward to learn with you guys!

Hi all,

I´ve been learning photoshop by myself since I posted last time.

I´ve made some improvements but I still cannot illustrate or design yet. So, I thought of an humour sentence that is must alike our guide in our little business and I joined an image and our logo:


aqualoja - image 3 - student project

I will continue to study, hoping to learn more on how to implement some ideas I have.