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appleye ministries

4/25/15 // Research Phase

Appleye is a faith-based online boutique and blog, supplying high quality apparel, accessories and art. Each piece is supported with videos, writings or music.

Appleye will not look like a ministry, which I believe will lead it to be a breath of fresh air in an ocean of cheesy and cliche images, messages and apparel. Appleye leans more towards the conceptual verses the literal.

View the image below for a contrast of examples I am in favor of, to below what is out there now for "ministries". Also, see my Pinterst page for more of my first round of reseach.

The biggest trend I've found to best fit most any high quality apparel brand and my direction for appleye is a black & white logo, and most often it is either just a wordmark or paired with a very simple, one color mark. This is important to keep in mind as far as what people like to see, but also print/production costs. Simpler is always more versitile.


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