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this time i tried something different. added a new character, the little yeti, and closed the loop. 

now the thing just keep going and going foh evahhh

(i just noticed that the clouds stop moving just before the yeti be thrown up...)

-------------------------------------- late night update -----------------------------------------

so, i followed Arthur and Daniel suggestions and tried some intros for the mountains and else.

i also added some strokes for the circular movement. i think the timing is the most important thing and what i'm still learning. perhaps applying the onetwothree steps is something that i need to keep in mind when starting a new project. i'll try to improve the time in this project as well...

maybe i'll try to add some new stuff to the beginning and the end as i move on. this is what i've got so far:

the next update will be with a better timing, i hope.

-------------------------------------- update (april, 29) ---------------------------------------------

hey guys,

i was really excited waiting for this class...

first, sorry if i make any huge language mistake. i need to practice my engRish.

so, this is what i've done so far. i've chosen this theme, Antimundo (antiworld), that i used for a zine earlier this year to build an exercise for this class. the preparation file look like this:

i experienced some issues while importing to after effects. some layers were duplicated sever times but maybe it was something in my illustrator file that need to be organized.

i did some modifications in the project inside after effects like adding birds, mountains, stars, etc. i did this using shape layers or creating a solid and pasting illustrator paths to the layer inside AE. is this the best way to do? it seems that i need to practice more... sometimes i couldn't control the situation so much.

this is what i've done so far in the animation:

for the stars i tried some expressions. one makes the frame rate lower and another randomize the opacity of the stars. i still don't like this introduction. maybe it's the timing or the shapes, but i don't know. any suggestions?

if you guys have any suggestions to make this better, please leave a comment. i don't know, maybe add more details, animated strokes, etc.


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