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an episode of fulfillment.

My name is Aj, I currently live within the boundaries of Maryland. Exploring is something I have always enjoyed doing and I always look for a story to tell. 

Street photography is my favorite type, honestly without Trashhand or 13thwitness, I would have never picked up a camera, for they have inspired me to always capture moments worth a million words without saying a million words. Street photographer to me is the rawness and root of understanding humans, to be able to capture emotions in its purest form. 

Street Portrait.

This is my favorite photo I've taken, it means a lot to me and I believe it tells a powerful story. Back story to this, we were in Los Angeles trying to find parking and I rolled down my window and saw this man, I instantly grabbed my camera and shot this out of the window. 

Look Up.

I'm not one for look ups, I know I have to challenge myself to try more look ups. I took this on top of an abandoned hospital in downtown Los Angeles somewhere. I always look at this photo and it feels like a part of me because I feel like I'm always trying to get away and traveling solves that problem. 


I took this waiting for the bus to go to school, this is right outside my house and I love everything to this photo because to me it shows that people are always doing something and always going someplace.

Night Shots.

It is very hard for me to choose a photo for this portion because a lot of my photos are based around the night time, I am in love with night time because it is a whole different world. This is one of my favorite night photos because it shows a mother and her child going on a journey and the rest is up for intepretation. I think that's the best thing about night time, it is surrounded by mystery and I think you'll never be able to fully understand what happens when the sun goes down. 

Thank you for veiwing and taking the time to look at these moments I've captured. 

- Aj




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