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Tomas Bay

Live It Out Loud!




Name: Tomas Bay

Location: Hong Kong

Brand Name: amplified

Slogan/Mission Statement: Amplified: Live It Out Loud! Dare to be yourself, shine and make a difference.

"I wanna play loud, I wanna be heard, I want all to know, I'm not one of the herd" - Rick Rubin



The logo was created using a rock icon that signals hard rock, loudness and energy. The font is squealer, which was made famous by AC/DC.


Branded Car and other cool products


Process work, "About" your brand info, etc

The brand is born from rock music and the rock'n roll culture. It's for people who want to LIVE IT OUT LOUD. While we love rock music, amplified is much more. Amplified is an attitude, a statement and a lifestyle. 

We celebrate the freedom to express yourself and be true to who you really are. People who resent fitting in and working for The Man. Amplified is for people who dare to stand out. People who want to shine, and want the world to know who they are, what they believe and how they can make a difference. People who "live out loud" get noticed.

This is not a brand for couch potatoes but for people, who want to play hard, kick ass and be as big as they can be. The lyrics from “Daughters of Darkness” by Halestorm explain our philosophy well:

"Never down, Never out, Playing hard, Living loud, Keeping up, With the boys (or girls), Making out, Making noise."

Think Linkin Park going to NY Ink for a date with Lady Gaga. It’s raw and the fans dare to be themselves.

Making a Difference: We are also big believers in making a difference and giving back. Amplified will be donating 5% of our profits to charity. Since we are inspired by rock music, we are looking to support charities such as Music for Relief (Linkin Park). 

Clothing: The brand is new and we are exploring at our first line. We are starting with t-shirts, hoodies and caps. We are starting with simple line, which will later be expanded. Apart from clothing, we are later planning to do music accessories, since the brand is so much about music. 

We are currently looking at samples and reviewing different suppliers for the first line of clothing. First samples just arrived.



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