always too loud

I'll preface this by saying I'm a terrible pen-and-paper artist, and I realize the baby in the sketch looks a bit demonic. When I thought about the concepts of "quiet" and "loud", I was reminded of the first several months of motherhood and how I cherished nap times so much, and tip-toed around my house in a desperate attempt not to make any noise to wake up my son. I want to capture this scenario to illustrate the word "loud". My thinking is that despite the parent's best efforts, there's a noise and it wakes up the baby. I imagined a few different scenes that all pretty much fit into this vision I have with a baby sleeping upstairs in a crib and the parent on the bottom floor, maybe trying to somehow show the parent taking preventative measures to reduce noise (like wearing pillows on his/her feet, etc), but I settled on this scene where a rambunctious cat knocks a vase off a table.


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