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aj I am

I created a quick presentaion about Mnemonic Devce. It can be seen at the link below:

Green Eggs and Ham (Sam I Am) is my Pop Culture device or reference that I use as my Mnemonic device. The general message is "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" along with the repetition of "Sam I Am." I need to live and breath my brand and keep it well represented.

I am many things and they can all be encompassed by my brand. I have learned from this class that I shouldn't label myself. I am too many things and my one brand can represent them all. I am sticking with my brand name "AnimatorJoe" becasue is me, I am a brand and conforming or resorting to politics is too much in the norm for me. I need to be original and fresh.


So here I am.... Joe, AnimatorJoe, AJ....and whatever else you want to call me..I am my own person my own brand and my mission is to present that to my target market so that I can help others and of course help myself......

OK Let's back-track a bit....

1997 Graduated H.S. and wasted 2 years at Universities thinking I was going to be a a bit creative right??? NOPE

5 years pass and I learn that to be successful doing something I love I needed to connect with my my teenage years you couldn't keep a pencil out of my hand, I was always drawing and creating ad it was FUN..why did I ever slow down???

I went to a local college and got a BS in Digital Animation....the course was shitty and so were the teachers but in the end I gained the focus I needed and while most learning occurred on my own it aided me in realizing I could do something I loved and make money...

I landed a nice job working remotely on e-learning applications for many fortune 500 companies....these were employee based applications....with the exception of references I couldn't use my work as portfolio material! So why even mention it anymore....I don't .. after the company changed owners and began hiring locally I was stuck...I had project here and there but quickly realized that I needed to focus in on area of design.

OK were finally getting to the point....

I couldn't do it all and expect to brand myself.. so Digitial Animation degree + j=Joe = AnimatorJoe

i created my first my first BRAND.


it was cool, the logo was 3D the colors represented me didn't get me far....It was too broad I was one person...would others really think I did it all????

It was time to FOCUS..

After lots of research and contemplating whether or not I should add to my student debt I enrolled in the Media Design Masters program at Full Sail. 

YES! I had a focus! I love Marketing, Branding and Media Design.  I never knew the importance of color psychology, font choice, ux and of all the other things I learned about. My project was a successful re-branding campaign of a buddy's dying brand "Greedy Genius." It got me and A and I got my Masters.

SO! I now brand myself as a media designer. A brandologist but I do all the other stuff too. I love having a main focus now.


I went through many brand changes over the years:


I love my current logo now, its simple and represent my work which is clean, aimed at capturing target audiences. My name: AnimatorJoe is great but doesn't represent my main focus, it represents me...I love to make things move...  animatorjoe multimedia design to , animatorjoe design, to animatorjoe media design.....HMMMM

I love working for myself but would love the corporate experience to follow my dream to be a successful Creative Director.

I want to brand myself and get projects in the corporate world as an Independent Contractor so I can gain the experience I need, set my own hours so I have time to work on personal projects and other business ventures. I need to brand myself and show others how much of an asset I can by to them. I love taking peoples thoughts and ideas and making them a visual reality. (my motto) I want my passion expressed in my brand. I want to capture the attention of people who visit my website, look at my business card, or view my portfolio for more than 3 seconds!

To make a long story short I want to represent myself and encompass all that I do while keeping media design as my main focus. I'm a hip hop head, love graffiti but also love clean design. I don't want to turn clients away with a logo like my first, confuse them with the name animatorjoe when my focus is brand identity, should I abbreviate "aj media design" "ajmedia" keep animatorjoe as its me and is nostalgic to me? or re-brand and come up with and entirely new name?

*Side note

I love music, nicely designed clothing (would love to make a line for designers like myself soon) and hip hop culture but that's not "corporate" I have another business venture I've started fro that. I was reading the full sail blog last night and saw a former student who on his own designed a clothing line for lebron james..put it on his behance profile and after hitting up his promoters on twitter got his t-shirts sold on lbj's site. I want to capture that kind of attention....I need my brand to speak!


Commandments Lesson:

Powerful lessons in those commandments! Instead of me worring abotu how im being looked at by potential clients and labeling myslef as a particular brand I need to brand me "AnimatorJoe."  I am AnimatorJoe and I am plenty of things, I do plenty of things. I no longer feel the need to shorten or abbreviate my name. If I represent myslef in my marketing the clients will come. I dont need to worry about politics (conforming, being like others in the field). It's time for me to show mt nice and corner my market.


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