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Cheesemake,Soapmaker and maker of things



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Good Morning-Good Afternoon-Good Evening

Glad you came to my store I'm Lois Ryan

Cheesemaker, Soapmaker and Maker of all Things

Cheesemaker I love making cheese

I have been making cheese for 12 years. For 8 years I made it and

gave it away until four years ago i lost my job and started

running a tiny Grade A Goat Dairy and now sell at

farmers markets  but I still give plenty away and

make and create other goat milk related items to sell with

my cheese like my roasted garlic in olive oil cheese balls

which are melt in your mouth delicious and now my

slice of heaven chocolate goat cheese truffles.


Soapmaker 100% Goat Milk Soap


I was always scared of making soap (the chemistry the lye shudder)

but with a down time of 5 months without farmers markets

 I still needed to make money and be creative at the same time

so a friend taught me to make soap and we sold it at craft shows

and a few stores. And spring came and I was ready to make

 and sell soap and cheese at the farmers markets all made

 on the farm using goat milk.


Maker of Things Wild fabric Ponies, Painted Treasure Boxes


My house burnt down on March 30 2015. Strangers and friends were so kind

giving everything I could possibly need and so now I live on

the farm in a tiny house (288 sq ft) which is my maker of things house.

Full of fabric, paint, beads, felt and everything I could salvage.

I have been making my wild fabric ponies for 10 years , my crochet stars

 just a few years ago and my painted boxes I just started making this year 2016.




I used to make wooden toys many years ago simple basic toys a barn with

wooden horses with yarn manes, trucks and trains. I want to get back

into that on a smaller level except for the barn with horses that was really nice.

Just more simple things woodland gnomes made of wood and felt,

Wild wooden ponies with colorful manes and tails of yarn,

some simple wooden animals and whatever else a

maker of things can come up with.


Follow me on facebook either crescentmoonfarmsgradeagoatdairy (cheese and Soap) or

lavender-hollow-farm (maker of things and soap) or instagram LRYANSASSCAT


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