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a wonderful opportunity

Hey guys!

I have spent nearly my whole life up until this point avidly drawing ... well, horses. And, as much as I love that moment of getting anatomy right, of a final product to be proud of, I want to move on further.

We, as a community of horse artists, try and add personalization in our subjects. And, don't get me wrong, it's fun. However, the whole point in my eyes, is trying to humanize a subject simply because drawing people is so hard. At least, that is kind of why I do it. There are scenes, moments I see in my mind that all I want is to catch them on paper.

That elusive emotion on someone's face, fleeting. Their pose, the tilt to someones head in the sunlight....

I can't really achieve that with only a working ability to draw horses. And, to be honest, drawing people has been my desire for about 3 years now. I just wasn't really brave enough to approach it fully.

But now I am done with that. I will master the ability to draw people.

When I found Gabby's deviantart account, and saw her insane ability to catch exactly what I want to, I knew I had to take this course. I'm under no illusions that magically I will have the ability to draw a person in the way she does, nor is that quite my desire. I want to learn, figure out my ability, my style, and in the end I will end up somewhere I am happy to be with my artistic ability.

So, after that crazy long book-like paragraph, I guess I will post some projects and my progress.

Right now, I want to attempt the two different spectrums. A man, and a woman, Profile and head-on.

I hope to post an update soon!


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