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Laila Grainawi

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a project for learning

i loved this class.

i've been taking a slew of skillshare classes to familiarize myself with the latest versions of the adobe suite- moving myself from cs 1 or 2 that i learned in school to creative cloud.  i always considered photoshop to be my favorite program when i was in college and thought i was the most skilled and proficient with that platform compared to the rest of adobe's offerrings.

but these days, after specifically taking classes for illustrator for a few months now, i can confidiently say my preferences have changed. i am much more likely to open ai when i want to work quickly and get things done. and this class was like the icing on the cake.

forcing me to face a few of the tools that felt ridiculously daunting (i'm looking at you, pen tool!) and learning a whole lot of useful, and actually applicable illustrator know-how! best take-away was draw inside mode. woah! so so so so good. a bit glitchy for me from time to time, forcing me to select and ctrl x and ctrl shift v to force whatever i had drawn into the bounds. but overall, so useful! such a handy amazing thing to know about.

other great take-aways, learning about creating custom brushes for small items that you repeat (as the instructor demo-ed on the leaves) and manipulating others to create overall patterns (scatter brushes! love).  i also thought that adjusting the blur on layers to create that smooth painterly feel a la photoshop was really nice.

i also really appreciated how he would make verbal notes of what keyboard shortcuts he was using and take the time to show us multiple ways to access the same panels (from the main menus, side bars, etc).

i made my project to look like our instructor's, because i was really just following along as a way of forcing the all the know-how into my brain by repeating what he was illustrating (literally!).

in the intial stages when he would jump ahead too fast, i was bummed because it was easier for me to understand while i watched him work and click and manipulate on the screen and then attempt to duplicate on my own screen. but as we progressed further and further into the class i realized just how many layers and details he was cramming into such a small document, that i knew there was no way i would have attempted that many anyhow, lol. i mean, let's be real- i didn't even give my bear an arm ;).

here's my little guy anyway.

this class was a+.


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