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a pastel affair (style: lifestyle/commercial) and Wintry Eggs (style:high contrast)

I chose the "lifestyle" style because it's something I have never done before. I have always gone for the more "airy and light style". I really like this look because it feels sophisticated and elegant. The name of this project is " a pastel affair", because I was inspired by a recent purchase of these beautiful ice cream glasses from a second hand shop in Berlin called Pony Hütchen (It's amazing), and they have a bit of a 20s feel to them - so this project celebrates antiquity and classic elegance. 

The first image is off all the toppings for some ice cream - again these mini meringues struck me as more classic that today's sprinkles. The crumbs are meant to add some playfulness and mischief -someone couldn't wait.

In this image I wanted to stick with the classic food and style with the gold plate and the mint choc chip ice cream - but instead of using the ice cream cups I wanted to try out what Leela said about negative space on a plate and add some more layers to the story by using the ice cream scoop.

Finally - the end of the story - the ice cream.. was clearly delicious. I thought the blue spoon added a nice touch to the otherwise fairly neutral colours.

This is the second style - but only two photos. it's the high contrast one - this is one which i absolutely love when I see it, but I have never been able to master it. I would love some more tips on how to get the shadows extra dark and the light extra light without editing - anyone know? I used a black reflector - and it helped a bit, but not as much as I would like.

Looking forward to your feedback.


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