a game for all

hi guys. sorry this is so late and would much appreciate if anyone sees this... but here are my thoughts -  to create systemic change - behavioral & infrastructure-wise.

big data, already mentioned, is magical and helps reorganize driving schedules. maybe we can then also deal with the number of cars on the road by taking into account the entire transportation ecosystem/infrastructure.

depending on motives for driving, maybe having eyes on public transport capacity, and for those inconsistent buses, where they're at on their route and whether you can still make the one down the street, would make a difference in your choice of a car or public transport. i.e. show more options for getting where you want to go, instead of choosing car by default because it's right there.

to further incentivize,your smartphone/smart gps/googlenow could calculate the difference in:

time (e.g. parking vs. not; biking vs. stuck in traffic)

C02emission (for those feeling the heat, and incorporating into the system (& dailylife) anyway for those who aren't, yet)

health (http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2013/01/sitting_is_the_smoking_of_our_generation.html)

if gov/corps get involved, financial rewards/punishments.

with enough cooperation b/w related agencies/corps/developers, i feel this could be a game on a smartphone (e.g. choices would lead to points, lead to real-world rewards...) map could also include co-working spaces :)

also, empowered consumers - if this is integrated into daily life, people could help gov focus efforts on fixing what is already ineffective in the public infrastructure and open the door to lots of crowdstorming and maybe creating an infrastructure that serves more..

cheers :)


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