a forest somewhere

a forest somewhere - student project

I've chosen to illustrate the phrase "a forest somewhere", my online pseudonym, as I felt the need for a personalised header for to launch my blog and various social media platforms.

a forest somewhere - image 1 - student project

It's also a fairly important phrase to me, I live in Ireland and have spent much of my childhood gallivanting through forest  parks, considering them magical, restorative places where humankind can go to gather postivity and strength to face the onslaught of the world.

I wanted the personality of the lettering to reflect me - pretty and positive with a hint of the androgenous.

a forest somewhere - image 2 - student project

a forest somewhere - image 3 - student project

a forest somewhere - image 4 - student project

I've more or less settled on the basic format of the lettering itself, but remain undecided on illustrative flourishes. Any/all feedback receives a virtual cookie!

Katie O'Mahony

Graphic Designer