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a flat bed named desire

  • I jumped past the 3 ideas part by accident.. but I do have other stories.. I really want to do this one though :/

I am an avid cyclist in New York and I often find myself telling people the story of my first accident. It's more of a close call but still a scary story non the the less. I was riding with a friend through heavy traffic. we dodged and weaved our way to an intersection where traffic was at a standstill. A large flatbed truck was blocking the intersection. blinded by adrenaline, I thought I could duck under the bed of the truck. I slowed down, unsure if my height would clear the small space, and my bag buckle caught a metal loop on the bed. Suddenly I was stuck underneath the truck, now with traffic clearing up. The truck began to lurch forward slowly as I panicked trying to unhook myself from underneath it. I managed to fall off my bike. somehow this unhooked me and I dragged myself out from under the truck as it rolled away.  Now I only go under regulation construction vehicles (just kidding) 


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