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Nora ElGazzar

Graphic Designer



a day on the beach

Hi all, 

i've tried to follow the steps as much as possible but the thing is i tend to think that i judge my idea before i even comes out so in a way it just hinders my creative process... 

i've worked on multiple mind maps in different notebooks (i'm a bit unorganised) i even made one on the computer and that's the one i'm sharing, good luck understanding my hand ! :D 

the problem in that process is that every time i settle on an idea, i just comes down to like 2 or 3 good ideas and then just block! 

i finally convinced myself to get it together and send in my icon sketches.. i'll work on a beach theme.




4- dogs playing

5- sunset 

mood board:

i've drawn the icons using simple basic shapes.

color update:

ofcourse feedback is highly appreciated ;) 


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