a bit of punk+rock&roll

a bit of punk+rock&roll - student project

I was doing a different class and I was having trouble getting somewhere concerning my style, it was too implicit and I didn't feel like I was there yet, so this class was really a nice way for me to explore portraits and characters.


a bit of punk+rock&roll - image 1 - student project

One of the first exercice with the girl #2.

And then having fun with faces.


a bit of punk+rock&roll - image 2 - student project

Finally, my final project. I feel like the colors aren't as bright as on my Ipad. Anyone has the same ''situation'' ?

I was inspired by a character I saw a few weeks ago passing on the web, my guess it was probably from Cyberpunk since my boyfriend could only talk about that game for the past two months. Still new on Procreate and wanted to create a wrinkle effect on her face but couldn't find a way to do it while still liking it. I believe practice makes perfect ?


a bit of punk+rock&roll - image 3 - student project



Marilou Migneault
curious candid woman