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a VIP invitation card

As I don't know what theme I should set for my postcard, I turned it into a vip invitation card. And there are two versions: one is the basic one with mono-color background, and the other has a watercolor effect background.





To be honest, I am pretty suprised at the result, for I am not good at drawing... Here is my sketches (it took me two nights to capture the appearance of these plants><") :  



and here is the watercolor version of these plants:



While I finished these elements for making a card, I thought I had completed the most difficult part. However, I think the next part--editing my pattern--should be the most difficult part. Since there are so many flowers and plants with different colors, I have to decided which ones should be arranged together in a project to produce the best result. So I spent some time experimenting different combinations.

Now, I think it time for me to make use of the rest clip art to create more interesting cards~ :)


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