Zvonimir Drolc Metadata sample

Zvonimir Drolc Metadata sample - student project

Zvonimir Drolc Metadata sample - image 1 - student project

DESCRIPTION: Person walking to mountain edge to view cityscape of Edinburgh at sunset, static

KEYWORDS: person, girl, hike, sun, sunset, cityscape, mountain, rocky, woman, outdoors, travel, location, travel destinations, adventure, feeling, edge, edinburgh, scotland, capital, skyscape, sky, dusk, evening, golden hour, walking, view, vista, above edinburgh, tranquility, static, low angle, wide shot, panorama, scenic, cutout, real time, journey, solitude, zen, silhouette

Zvonimir Drolc Metadata sample - image 2 - student projectDESCRIPTION: Hiking on rocky cliff with view on Atlantic Ocean and Neist Point lighthouse, lateral follow, Skye

KEYWORDS: person, girl, hike, woman, isle of skye, seascape, neist point, lighthouse, atlantic ocean, landscape, rocky, outdoors, travel, location, travel destinations, adventure, feeling, edge, scotland, horizon, cloudy, day, walking, view, vista, tranquility, medium shot, scenic, real time, journey, solitude, zen, sideways, slide, tracking shot, follow, lateral, sea, tourism, cliff, free

Zvonimir Drolc Metadata sample - image 3 - student project

DESCRIPTION: Atlantic Ocean waves splashing on Kerry Cliffs on sunny day, Ireland, tilt up

KEYWORDS: kerry cliffs, waves, cliff, sunny, ireland, seascape, landscape, location, view, tilt up, atlantic ocean, vista, travel destinations, vacations, holiday, travel, tourism, county kerry, rocks, sea, wide, real time, outdoors, journey, serene, tranquility, scenic, nature, edge, day, motion

Thank you Victoria for the guide, learner a ton from it, simple, thoughtful, educational.

I am looking forward to your feedback and if possible, would like to ask two or three questions about metadata curation in general if possible.

Much appreciated!