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Zuper - Turn you team members into Zuper Heroes

The problem

Employee engagement is at an all-time low. With so many distractions and work that is - let's face it - BORING, it is increasingly tougher to motivate and retain top-notch talent. Competitive salaries and bonuses are no longer enough to compensate employees and keep them happy.  They are looking for more meaningful experiences. They want to be captivated. They want to be entertained. They want to have fun!

The solution

According to the Gartner Group, by 2015, nearly 70% of the world's largest enterprises will be using GAMIFICATION, driving 50% of all innovation.

With Zuper, you can inspire excellence and increase job satisfaction through gamification.

Through its easy to use web application, you can create missions and reward positive behavior, making work more fun and meaningful.

To put it simpy, It works like this:

The manager (A.K.A the boss) signs up for an account and sets up the GAME.

He chooses which Zuper Heroes are available. He also chooses the Zuper Powers (badges) and Zuper Missions. Last but not least, he choses what are the rewards. These can range anywhere from lunch with the boss, to taking a friday off or more traditional financial incentives.

Once the team members complete the missions they can redeem the zuper points. They also get publicly recognized for their ZUPERNESS, an important part of the gamification process.

With Zuper, you can turn your employees into ZUPER HEROES.

What  GREAT THINGS will your employees do?


Setting up is easy, peasy.

Simple and elegant admin interface

Control every aspect of your game including

zuper heroes, missions and rewards to

optimize your results.

Using it is zuper, duper fun.

Dasboards show zuper missions,

rankings, rewards, game feed

and much much more!

MVP Solution

I am currently brainstorming how I can create an MVP and validate my hypothesis.

A few of the ideas I had:

Create a landing page and drive traffic to it 

The Zuper landing page is online and I have submitted it to betalist.com and producthunt. I am currently awaiting a response from those guys.

Validation = at least 100 signups for early invites.

Find software which allows me to upload a MVP app so I can start doing some user testing in BETA Mode

Validation = Get 10 customers to actually pay for the product and gain valuable insight.

Cold call people who already use gamification apps and try to get some feedback

I guess if one person took time off their day to answer, that would be a pretty neat thing.

Any comments/ideas for me? Thanks a lot for your help!

Cheers and best of luck for your own projects.


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