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Zumwol - Social Drinking Mobile Application

Who Am I

I'm a social and outgoing person and I enjoy going out and having drinks with friends. I love smartphones and I'm a proficient user of social media and mobile apps. BUT I found that these two things don't go well together and every time I go out with friends, there is someone (*ahem*) with their face glued to their screen and fidgety fingers rather than holding onto a glass and making physical interactions. SO I decided to bridge that gap between these two worlds to enhance my (and your) drinking experience and social outing. 

What Is Zumwol

Zumwol is a mobile application that aims to integrate the digital world into the real world by creating a bigger and connected experience that allows users to 1. post and share their social outing 2. invite and meet friends AND 3. save their special moment. It's a network for bar-goers and party people and it's about connecting you to your favorite establishments and brands!

A sample screenshot (to be replaced with our own design eventually):

The Big Why

When I set out to build Zumwol, I recruited a friend. As businesspeople, none of us can create the app ourselves but we aim to oversee its development and build a community for it. We decided to launch a campaign for three main reasons: 1. to cover development costs 2. to raise a community of early-users and people interested in the app 3. to find capable and skilled developers.

So Now What?

Well, now we turn to you... we need your help to fund our dream of enhancing the drinking experience and connecting bar-goers and social drinkers. 

What We Offer

1$ - Be a Supporter and help Zumwol come to life!

10$ - Be a Super Suppoter and receive an early invitation!

25$ - Be a Mega Supporter and receive all of the above as well as a Special Badge!

50$ - Be a VIP Supporter and receive all of the above plus a Special T-Shirt!

100$ - Be a Super VIP Supporter and receive all of the above plus an invitation to our launch party!

150$ - Be a Mega VIP Supporter and receive all of the above plus open bar at the launch party!

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