ZumTri Iberia - the Get Results Plan

Zumtri is a web application that renders interactive virtual replays of races where race participants can personalize the animation on the race map.

This application was developped with athletes and their family in mind:

  •  Athletes can replay the race and compare their performace to their previous own, or to other participants'
  • Families, through the live version, can watch and know how the participant is doing and where he is in the course of the race.

While this application has existed for some years already in the US, we're now trying to introduce it to Europe, and more specifically to Spain to begin with. Running and outdoor sports in general are seeing a boom in popularity and to date, there is no existing similar application in the market.

Success has been slow (only 2 competitions) so we've decided to rethink our strategy. We created the following social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, as well as a G+ and a blog that are currently inactive. We've tried to generate interest by covering sports events with Storify but with limited reaction and almost no interaction from the community.

Our goal is to engage with the community of athletes to increase our visibility and be perceived as THE platform for results viewing.


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