Zucchini Bread & Raspberry Tea | Skillshare Projects

Ethan Bodnar

Designer and Gardener. Previously, at Skillshare.



Zucchini Bread & Raspberry Tea

Loved watching Marte Marie go through the process of photographing afternoon tea. For my project, I had made some Zucchini Raisin Oat bread for our Skillshare holiday party and wanted to tell a story around that. Also, got some Hot Chipotle Pear Jam in our white elephant gift exchange from Alyssa and added some of my favorite Rasbery tea to the mix. When editing I tried to stick with the F2 filter in VSCO Cam which helped to set the mood a bit I think.

Also, wanted to share several behind the scenes photos of the baking and eating experience. I'm feeling these images a bit less but thought they'd be fun to share as well :)


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