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Zooey with her dogs

Hello everyone, I'm Phil. First of all, I want to tell a big thanks to mr. Thomas for giving us such a great opportunity to watch how he works. 

I didn't find a band to make a cover for but I already did one for mine - check us out, our name is Hide & Dream, for fans of the bands that used to work with Glenn Thomas - sorry for selfless promotion, hahah. 

So I just decided to make an illustration of a winter forest. I skipped the step with sketching - pencils are not good friends of mine, so I opened Illustrator and started. Forest wasn't looking cool first, so I decided to draw a Zooey Deshanele looking like girl and then I added some textures on it, well, this is what I did and then went to sleep. 

Pretty weird, huh?

On the morning I started to think about the story of this picture - I decided to add wolves (well, let's say Zooey just went to walk in park with her dogs), I added more trees and I put some lights on it.

Let's take a look.

Still don't like it.

This is not Zooey, so her lawers won't sue me.

I continued working with the lights, texturing and stuff and in about a week here's the final result - 

Thank you for reading, sorry for my English - I'm from Russia, so this is not my native language, but I did my best with the story and illustration.

I invented my way to make a picture look cooler - I merged layers, copied and paste it upon an illustration and then I put blur on it and overlayerd - that makes your picture look cooler, well I think I'm done, thank you for watching and reading.

Check out the full step-by-step video on my instagram - 


I was too lazy to create the moodboard and stuff like that, yup I'm a bad student :)


Philipp Chekunov


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