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Zoo Poster for the Underground (the tube!)

Not exactly sure why I picked this poster.  It was old, and something about it grabbed me.  My wife and I spent time in London on our honeymoon, and I love penguins, so that may have been part of the draw.  One thing I noticed about the design, was how wonderful the shape relationships are in this piece.  It reminds me of an old Japanese Woodblock print, because it has such a fun play of positive and negative shapes.  

Stage 1:  I began with the pen tool trying to learn how to draw complex shapes.

Stage 2:    As I progressed, I got a feel for the pen tool, and began to realize the benefits of using layers.  I began switching back and forth betwen postive and negative shapes using multiple layers to find the right contour for the shapes.  The yellow back ground is the one of the top layers of the Illustrator file.  I found it a lot easier to draw the negative space of that yellow and layer it over the penguins' heads and bodies.

Stage 3:  I tried to correct the color and used the paint brush tool to draw some of the caligraphic lines on the wings and bodies.  I'm really struggling to match the font.  I think I need to take a typography class!  

I went into this project as someone who was afraid of Illustrator.  I've been trying to design a logo for a friend, but my attempts have been laughable.  I love to draw, but it's always been analog, so when I have used digital programs in the past, it looks awful.  <---See what I mean?

This class has taught me so much, and is structured beautifully.  This lessons are useful and easy to follow.  I actually look forward to using Ilustrator now!  I had a dream about using Illustrator last night!  My wife thinks, I have a problem, but I love it.  Thanks so much Brad!


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