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Zombies 4 Breakfast

So my blog is going to look a bit unusual sitting next to all you lovely ladies and your fashion blogs. My blog, Zombies 4 Breakfast, is a geek-girl lifestyle blog. The topics range all over, occasionally covering fashion and beauty stuff (which seem to be bringing in the most traffic).

Annnnywho, since I'm already somewhat familiar with SEO, I know I'll be able to apply the theories in this course to pretty much any topic I wind up covering in my blog.

Lesson 1

I opened an account with rankcheckerace.com and wasn't quite sure that I was doing any of it right. I only searched 3 different (long tail) keyword searches. However, this morning I had two emails with my blogs rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

I was surprised to find out that I'm ranked at #2 for the search "cinnamon honey and nutmeg", I'm at #1 for "sock bun curl review", and at #22 for "top 5 zombie movies".  I chose the keywords based on the titles of some of my most popular blog posts. I'll have to go back into word press and look closer at the single keywords to add to my search list. I have the feeling I'll have a lot of competition where the word "zombies" is concerned.


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