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Zombie Water (Z20)

Re-Animate your Corpse

Revitalizes like no water in this life ever could.

Everyday there is someone in every town, in every city, in every state that wakes up to a pounding head and sore body...That is alcohols way of turning you from life of the party to your death in the morning. The undead can care less that theyre lying a pool of their own deminished fluids. But there is hope for those that can scrape, climb, hobble, and crawl their way out of bed and into a bottle of Zombie Water. Bringing the dead back to life is our claim to fame. Day light will no longer be an enemy,
The twinkle in your eyes will return as soon as the pigment in your skin. Energy will rush back to you faster than the mob of un-infected you were being chased by.

Zombie Water is packed full of nutrients and vitamins your body has depleted through a night of drinking. All ingredients are 100% natural, no concentrates or artificial flavoring has been used. Coconut water straight from the palm forests in thialand, and aloe vera juice from the fields in the phillipines. Vitamins and minerals added to turn this


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