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Zombie Survival Kit (work in progress)

Hey guys! Hey Tom!

Here is my  "Tools of the Trade" project that I'm currently working on. I have no scanner so my images will be made from photos taken on my phone. They could be lo-fi, sorry.

Step 1 — Brainstorming. Themes & Words 

I started from listing of all themes and items that I love and that fits into this class:


In the end of list I just had fun and wrote down random themes. 

I thought that there are a lot of designers and illustrators in this class. And a lot of design tools in projects. So I wanted to draw something different and fun. And I picked Zombie Survival kit because of:

  1. I like zombies. They are cool
  2. I was attaked by zombies once (check my profile photo)

So theme was chosen. 

I made a quick list of things that I can use in this project:


Step 2 — Brainstorming. Sketches

I drew a little sketch for each item. Later I will choose five and combine them into a postcard composition.


Step 3 — Composition Sketches

Here is my composition sketches. I like how number 3 and 6 turns out. But numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, and especially 5 have stories behind them. Maybe I should try more variations with them.

The book name going to be "Amputation for Dummies".


Following steps:

   Step 4 — Illustration base

   Step 5 — Dirt and Noise

   Step 6 — Combining Digital & Analog. Final Results


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