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This is the story of twin brothers and their rivalry to rule the magical kingdom of Cazale.

I am planning on doing this as a video project, using action figures and most likely as a combination of puppetry and a very small amount of stop motion (I've done stop motion before and it's so time consuming I am hoping to avoid it unless it serves the story better). I have most of the 'cast' assembled but no sets (I took the photos using a set from another project) and I haven't quite worked out my green screen setup (and will probably need some kind of blue or red screen setup for the Zombicorn itself due to the green tint of the zombie part's skin).

If anyone has any suggestions/tips about greenscreen and lighting and shooting on miniature sets in general, I'd appreciate it. I've done video projects like this before, but never when I was actually trying to make something that didn't suck.

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Stuff that doesn't make sense or is unclear, points that you don't think work very well or could be improved? Anything you like that you think I should expand on? 

My next step is going to be to print this out and start making notes and changes in the margins.


In the story exercise format:

Once upon a time... there were two brothers, twin princes.

Every day... they worked together to rule a kingdom, one grew up to be king, the other was _____ (I haven't decided if he's going to be an advisor, a lesser-title royal or what, but he's at the castle and involved in the ruling process somehow)

Then one day... the younger brother who is not the king arranges for an attack on his brother, the king, in which he is exposed to a large amount of toxic waste from a local factory/industry

Because of that... the king and his pet unicorn mutate into one creature - the ZOMBICORN 

Because of that... the bad brother becomes king and ruins the country (the factory/industry is mismanaged and leaks toxic waste throughout the land)

Because of that... the bad king decides to attack the neighboring kingdom because his kingdom is now uninhabitable

Because of that... the Zombicorn leads a ragged team of companions to stop the bad king 

Until finally... the Zombicorn defeats his evil twin and delivers the beseiged kingdom back to its rightful king

Ever since that day... the Zombicorn has been an explorer, sailing forth on his ship to seek out new lands and adventures 



Levon - the good king who later mutates into the Zombicorn. Levon is a few minutes older than his brother and so he is raised to become the king. When they are small children, Levon is adventurous until his brother plays a mean prank on him that leaves him deathly afraid of large bodies of water/boats/drowning. When he becomes king, he is happy and good at that and has no desire to ever leave his castle (he is scared of the water in the moat).

Layvin - the younger twin who is jealous of his brother and craves power. He arranges for Levon to become trapped on the drawbridge over the moat and have toxic waste spilled on him. Assuming his brother is dead, Layvin takes over as king but is very bad at it. He wants power and ends up invading the next door kingdom, breaking the peace treaty.

Royal Pet Unicorn - Levon has a pet unicorn who assists him with its magic.

Zombicorn - The hybrid creature created after Levon and his Royal Pet Unicorn are covered with toxic waste, they become one creature. A whole unicorn with the top half of a zombie attached to its back: the unicorn's brain and soul is a combination of the king and the unicorn, the zombie torso is just used for talking and movement. 

B.J. and The Moose - BJ is a subject of the Kingdom of Cazale, he is some kind of craftsman and befriends Levon after his mutation. BJ and the Moose are two separate entities, but they are very close and BJ often rides on the Moose's neck. They join the Zombicorn as he sets out to defeat Layvin

David and Desmond - David is a wizard and Desmond is his unicorn companion. They join Levon and BJ in the mission to defeat Layvin


Extended Outline:


- I want to open with a short establishing scene showing the two princes as children

- The points to make in this scene will include: - they are twins - Levon is slightly older and so is destined to become king - Layvin is jealous - prior to the trauma, Levon is adventurous and outgoing

- Layvin causes a trauma in which Levon almost drowns

Montage or title, something to bring us to 'present day' in which the twins are grown and Levon is king

- I'm thinking of having either someone interviewing Levon for a 'day in the life of the king' or having Levon showing a new friend/servant/visiting relative around and explaining what he does

- Establish that Levon is very happy as king, that he is popular and is very good as his job, he pretends that he is too busy w work to travel or leave the castle but really he is afraid of travel and of water especially and does not like to cross the moat

- Layvin is some kind of advisor or minor nobility (Duke? Count? Vizier?) and he is still jealous and schemes to overthrow his brother

The Attack:

- Levon becomes trapped on the drawbridge over the moat, he is blocked by the portcullis on one side and a blockade at the other end. 

- Layvin taunts him and has a barrell of toxic waste dumped onto Levon

- The Royal Pet Unicorn swoops in to save Levon, but ends up rolling with him into the toxic waste, the two fall into the moat and are swept away (moat is a river? has a draining system? IS the draining system of the factory?)

The Aftermath:

- BJ and the Moose are walking through the forest and hear something coming from the contaminated river, they find the Zombicorn and take him in

End of First Act

Second Act

Opens at Cazale Castle, a year or many years later:

- Layvin has badly mismanaged the kingdom. As a result of his bad decisions, the factory/industry is leaking toxic waste into the land and it will soon be uninhabitable

- Layvin goes over his options and decides to invade the kingdom next door, breaking their long time peace treaty

- His plan is to invade, take over the castle, and if there is an eligible heir to that royal family, marry them


- Levon the Zombicorn has settled into his new life as a peasant - he works with or for BJ and the Moose

- Levon is not aware of the damage that his brother has done, Levon has been too focused on his own problems

- Some catalyst event occurs which makes Levon aware of how badly Layvin has messed things up (possibly a visit from the wizard David and his unicorn Desmond)

- Levon decides to lead the companions on a mission to stop Layvin

The Two Armies Set Forth

End of Second Act

Third Act

In the Kingdom Next Door:

- Layvin takes over the castle by surprise, no real struggle or battle occurs (this is not due to the weakness of the other king, he is just not expecting an attack)

- Layvin begins to take over things in a way that makes it clear that he is just going to make another mess of this kingdom, he has not solved his problems by running away


- As the companions travel to stop Layvin, they are joined by others, including a large group of refugees

- Levon and his companions are travelling and must board a ship, Levon must face his fear of water

The Final Battle:

- Layvin is taken by surprise when Levon attacks to oust him from the castle

- They probably must face each other alone and battle either to the death, the pain, or Layvin is exiled or imprisoned


- Levon returns the kingdom to its rightful king, the king offers Levon a job or marriage to his heir

- Levon declines, he is going to join BJ and the Moose and be captain of a ship and sail off on grand adventures (the ship will be called 'The Star Ship'), thus showing that he has not only overcome his evil brother and the fear of water and the unknown that that brother caused him to have, but also that he has found his true calling and destiny



Points that I still need to work out:

- What is Layvin's role in the kingdom of Cazale prior to his overthrow of Levon?

- What kind of factory/industry is going on that is producing toxic waste?

- What is the ultimate fate of Layvin?

- Why did I decide to make them twins? I think I may just have Layvin be a younger brother and not a twin...

... among others...


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