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Zoinks Graphic Teez - Character: Frank, Design: Gamer

I entered the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl commercial contest this year  with what we thought was a cool take on what the four classic monsters do when they're not out scaring and pillaging. Everyone loved the characters, especially the Frankenstein Monster. But it didn't make the cut. My college age daughter said, "Dad, people would wear that on a t-shirt." So I did some research to see if there were any copyrights on Frankenstein's head (since Doritos rejected my entry). I knew the story of Frankenstein was not copyrighted because it was written in the 1800's. But sure enough Universal Pictures copyrighted their description of what the monster looks like. And the iconic picture you see in your mind when you think of him comes from their 1931 movie. So I searched for a loop hole. There are 5 things you can not use in order to avoid the copyright issue. A flat head, scar on the forehead, bulging brow, bolts on the neck, and green skin. I managed to do that. Frank was born! ZOINKS! It's ALIVE!!!

You can view my commercial on YouTube and see what Frank looked like before when he was playing the role of... The Monster. You'll also see my interpretations of the other classic monsters I would also like to make into Zoinks Graphic Teez. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/QdqsCQoRiRU


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