Zodiac Signs and Cameos

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - student project

(Last edit on 23th of april - New signs and version without strokes)

*** CONCEPT ***

I made a first mind map where I kept turning around the idea of the zodiac signs but I wanted to combine the theme with something else as I thought it would be too obvious.
So I made another mind map and the 2 things that popped up were "Art Nouveau" and cameos.

I like the intricate arabesque that are very specific to Art Nouveau and I thought that I could try to take inspiration from this period to do frames for the cameos. That said I'm not sure if I should stick or not to this idea.

Each cameo would be dedicated to a zodiac sign, therefore it should be a serie of 12 badges.

I think I will focus on the first 6 signs first.


There are two styles I'm quite drawn to. I made 2 inspirations board to depict them :

One use very simple geometric shapes and fits well with the subject of the class

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 1 - student project

The other style uses simple shapes but is more about outlines. 

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 2 - student project

*** SKETCHES ***

** First draft **

I made a few sketch to see if I could come up with ideas of characters. 

It will probably be easier to translate them into simple shapes like in the first inspiration board rather than in the second one.

First draft for Aries, Taurus and Gemini :

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 3 - student project

First draft for Cancer, Leo and Virgo :

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 4 - student project

** Second draft **

I did try to simplify the hair and the way I would draw the faces. Here I focused on the Leo and Virgo signs.

I quickly set up my mind for a circular / crescent frame where I could draw smaller shapes inside.

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 5 - student project

I made a few quick sketches for the frame to see if I could come up with something more interesting than the cresent frame. It just confirmed that it was where I wanted to head for.

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 6 - student project

Then I made a montage on Photoshop of the head and the circular frame to figure out the proportions between the frame and the head.

I think I'll go for a head that fits completely in the frame with occasional details like the hair that comes out of it.

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 7 - student project

*** VECTORS ***

** Experiment **

I took the opportunity of this project to get more familiar with a software called Sketch. It's nowhere as complete as Illustrator and it's more aimed towards UI and web design but I wanted to see what I could come up with it.

During the vectorization process I ended up simplifiying things a bit further. I came up with a general frame that I can re-use for all signs but for each I need to add a scenery. This is where I feel a bit stuck and where I need to work more.

Here are my 2 work in progress. The colors are completely random (and not particularly good) as I want to set up the graphic elements first.

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 8 - student project

** Polishing details **

I think I'll use 4 different palettes for the serie, one for each element (fire, earth, air and water). I still haven't figured out the colors yet but I added more details to the vectors. 

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 9 - student project

**Version without strokes and additional signs**

I'm quite behind to finish my whole serie but I wanted to post where I was up to.

I still have 4 remaining signs to work on and I need to find a scenery for most of them. Still working on it as I definitely want to finish the project.

Following Dominic's suggestion, I removed the strokes and I think it works way muche better like this.

Zodiac Signs and Cameos - image 10 - student project