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Hello. My name is Andrew and this is my App. I quite frequently need to send parcels to people (normally built computers), but sometimes I can't remember the postcode for the location. I did some looking around on the app store for an app to help me with my problem, and while I did find ONE app, it hadn't been updated since 2008 or 2009 and had heaps of complaints that places were missing. So I've decided to make my own. I'm already well into my project and I'm almost ready to show off a functional demo of the app. I just need to add the locations to my app, get my bookmark menu working and get a developer account so I can test the app.

This is a screenshot of the app in the stimulator. Currently there is no data in the table, but I'm working on that.

The app is almost complete. I just need to put some sample data in to test the funtionality of the app, and once i have it working I can spend day in and day out adding all the post and zip codes in. I'm storing the data on the device instead of a remote server until I can get my hands on a Mac Mini Server for hosting a website and data for my apps. That will allow me to update the data for the app without having to push an update to the app store.

Update: I haven't made much progress since I uploaded the project as I have been having a pretty hard time figuring out how to store the data, but luckily for me Paul has suggested using JSON and I'm looking into that now. I also have a few more questions as to how I'm going to do some things.

1. How can I make my detail view (when the hieracy of places gets down to there) show a map view (like the screenshot/mockup below) and a table view beneath it with some extra information?

2. Actually, thats all the help i need. Over time I will continue to update my project with milestones, releases and information on updates (once ive released the app)

Edit 2: Just remembered what the other bit of help i needed was. I'll call them 3 and 4 because I already have a "2" above

3. How can I make a bookmark and settings button ONLY appear at the highest hierachy of the table, but not the lower levels (because I'm fairly sure I will need to use recursion on the table view). This does mean the tab bar is going but I believe this is for the better and will allow space to be saved on the bottom for more entries

4. How could I make the search bar work with the JSON data?


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