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Zion Natoinal Park - Labor Day 2014

Tried my hand at this astrophotography thing for the first time last weekend and couldn't believe how well it worked! Got a few good photos but including the one here that has the best shot of the Milky Way. I was staying just outside Zion National Park in Springdale, UT so there's a bit of light pollution from the town, but the sky was so clear it didn't affect too much but the bottom of the pic. 

I didn't have a tripod (I know, I know) so I tried the janky monopod that's been in my car trunk since the dawn of time. That didn't work very well, either. I ended up using a sweatshirt to tilt the camera lens upwards and rested the body on a picnic table. I used the 2-sec timer for the shutter and the double-exposure to minimize grain. 

Camera: Canon 60D

Lens: 18-135 (can't remember how big the aperture opened offhand but: not very)

ISO: 3600

Edited version and Original attached. 


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