Katie Haegele

Writer and Zinester



Zines 101: Make an 8-Page Mini-Zine

Zines are self-published, often handmade publications. They are inexpensive and easy to make, an inherently democratic medium. Anyone who has something to express can publish a zine! 

In this class, you will learn a clever paper-folding technique that will allow you to create a small, 8-page zine from one sheet of paper. We will also go through the basics of planning your zine's content, so even if you don't consider yourself an artist or a writer, you will be able to follow along and make your own small book.


Before you sit down to make any zine, you'll want do a bit of planning. What will you write about? Will you try your hand at a poem? Or maybe you're the hands-on type, and you want to make a cookbook or an instruction manual to help others solve a problem.

If the thought of coming up with a topic makes you feel stuck, there are many different kinds of techniques to help get you started writing. One writing exercise that I especially love is making LISTS. For our class project, let's each come up with a list of 7 things on the topic of your choice. Your finished zine will have 7 content pages plus a front cover, so your list items will make up the 7 inside pages of your zine. Here are a few fun ideas:

* Top 7 Horror Movies of All Time

* What I Love About My Cat: A List

* 7 Common Houseplants and How to Care for Them


In the video lesson, I will lead you through the process of a creating a simple book structure using only one sheet of paper. As you do this, you will learn to paginate and orient the pages' contents correctly so that they will be in the right order once you've assembled the book. This mock-up will serve as your guide as you make this zine - and any future ones!


This is the final part of the process, and it's a lot of fun. You'll get to use your crafty skills to lay out and embellish your zine with text, images, and color, all on a very small budget and using supplies you probably already have around the house, such as pens, markers, scissors, and glue. 


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