Zia-Luna - student project

Zia-Luna - image 1 - student project

I chose for my brand a graphic and logo I created almost 10 years ago for a startup business I was involved with, Zia-Luna / Still Life in Motion. The business didn't do too well, mostly because I got a really great job offer elsewhere, but the idea has always stayed with me and I'm at a point where I'm thinking of pursuing it again. 

In looking at the graphic, I'm struck by how incredibly dated it looks especially because at the time I chose not to draw it but did it all w/ Photoshop - it's kinda sloppy. I'm definitely looking forward to drawing it out to improve it, give it a refresher and working with placement on a t-shirt. I do still like the graphic itself and I'm torn between thinking my tag line is cool and corny. It had more relevance to the business's earlier incarnation, so I guess I'm undecided whether to keep it or not.

Thanks for any feedback.