Zheph Skyre Revision

Zheph Skyre Revision - student project

I have been creating this web comic called Zheph Skyre for years now. It is about an outcast teenage inventor who lives in the capital city of his homeland which is surrounded by a gigantic wall. The story takes place in a medieval setting, but the main character introduces steam powered mechanisms. He is despised by nearly all and is constantly chased after, day after day, being called a devil for his odd appearance and his innovations.

Zheph used to have loving parents, a siste, and a baby brother, but one day they mysteriously disappeared. The young inventor was forced to befriend homeless children and start a gang of bandits to steal in order to survive. Unfortunately, he had a falling out with this group of bandits and their current leader wants to capture Zheph and force him to create weapons for the gang.

His only friend is one of the three princesses, Vanessa, who purposely dresses in Gothic attire yet is one of the kindest, strongest people he has ever known.

There are fantasy elements I have been introducing to the story as well.


Zheph Skyre Revision - image 1 - student project


As you can see, I have progressed from my earlier pages. I have read various books on how to improve certain aspects, which I find very helpful. DC Comics has a few books on digital comic drawing and coloring. I found lots of useful advice from their books, though I wonder where I still lack at times.

I have also bought adjustable Body-Kun dolls that I have been able to use for poses, though they appear a little difficult at times to work with.


Zheph Skyre Revision - image 2 - student project


The problem as of late is that it appears to take longer to finish an individual page or it appears I barely have time to really work on this project. My biggest fear has been that I will continuously working on this project for the rest of my life only to find no success out of it whatsoever, that no one will care for my concept whatsoever. It might be that this story is so long in my head that it has to be told in novel form rather than as a comic. I want to get as much of this created as I can though.


Zheph Skyre Revision - image 3 - student project


I truly appreciated this online class. I think it helped breath more life into this character, though I find it very tasking to use the brush tool with the eraser tool over and over again to edit the outline of the character. I have read from a digital illustration book that you can use the pen tool to draw the contours of your figures after sketching them, but I have noticed that the figures appeared stiff. This class has helped me to improve, but if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Feel free to visit my portfolio page www.jdaltobelli.com and my webcomic page www.zhephskyre.com.