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Shonneri Herndon





Well this is still in progress.

But I do believe that this class has taught me enough that I completely revised and reworked my previous drawing.

So I decided the other day after I found my book which compiles both the Iliad and The Odyssey into one huge book, I was immediately inspired to draw all of the Olympians. From the Zeus' generation on down. In either a posiition to show their whole body or a drawing just showing their portrait. For Zeus I decided on just showing his portrait.

I had a slight refernce for the eyes and beard. But other than that I just let imagination do the rest.

This has been only a three day process so far, and after listening to the video. I believe that for the others I will come up with multiple versions of what they will look like and not be dead set on using my first rough draft as I did with him. 

I used my rough draft but I have altered it today, only slightly. But I will use this method from now on when working with everything.

So, like I said it's still in progress. But it's getting there.

updated. 7/31


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