Zero Waste Shop

Zero Waste Shop - student project

Well! It was kinda difficult for me because I haven't been on social media for many months and I've absolutely forgotten how Instagram is looking and Facebook was a rare site which I've been at all :)

Also, I could make a mistake with English Internet slang so please correct me if I am wrong.

For the project, I've taken some zero waste shop account (I'm really like this theme). I've decided not to place the logo or its name here because there is an account name close to the picture, isn't it? (I like minimalism as well)

As a newbie in graphic design, I'd be very happy to receive your advice!

P.S. I haven't resized it because the quality would be worse.

Instagram story:

Zero Waste Shop - image 1 - student project


Instagram Paid Ad (with active product buttons):

Zero Waste Shop - image 2 - student project


Facebook Ad:

Zero Waste Shop - image 3 - student project