Zero Inbox RSS

Zero Inbox RSS - student project

Unlike a lot of people has too many emails problems, I have over flooded RSS feeds problems. There are two main functions I use for RSS reader: the actual article, 2. skim through the feeds and save interesting article for later reading. Most RSS reader doing a good job on the first one. But none of them gives me #2 in an efficient way. 


  • It takes multiple steps for me to save an article. 
  • The article saved in "Save for Later" bucket often stay there and be forgotten. 
  • Everyting save in a one big bucket. there's no folder organization in "Save for later" article. 
  • Inspired by Mailbox app, I want to design a RSS reader help the user to have "Zero Inbox" in their RSS feeds. 


  • The user can use gesture (deep swipe) to save an article for "Save for Later" in one step.
  • The special "Save for Later" article is designed for important article needs to be read. Therefore, the reminder will come up to remind the user to read the article in a user-configurable timeframe.
  • The user can use gesture (shallow swipe) to revel options to save the article in different folder. 
  • Main Screen:Zero Inbox RSS - image 1 - student project

    Swipe at an article to revel options:

    Zero Inbox RSS - image 2 - student project

    Article Screen has the same options on the top:

    Zero Inbox RSS - image 3 - student project

    Feeds, Folder and Settings Drawer:

    Zero Inbox RSS - image 4 - student project