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Zentangle-Inspired Brushes in Illustrator

This was one of those times when I struggled with Illustrator and found it quite challenging!  The instructions were quite clear and well-explained, but my brain couldn't absorb all the information! And even though Helen said to check and make sure the layers stay organized, I ended up with a terrible mess!  All my own fault!   I made the 3 brushes Helen made in the class, and then I left it, with layers all over the place!  

However, the next day I came back to Illustrator and had no problems at all!  I was able to make my own designs and it was so much fun!  I remembered all the steps and it all made sense.  And I was able to get my layers organized.  

So, is it better to just stop when you're frustrated?  Or better to push through?  Was it because I pushed through that I was able to do the steps easily the next day?  Or was it just because I was fresh?  

Anyway, this was an excellent class and I think making these kinds of brushes is really fun!  




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